The Company’s assets

The fund’s assets

Menivim Building - Kfar Saba

A new office tower containing 19 floors of office space spanning ~ 25,100 sqm, above a commercial floor (~ 1,300 sqm on the ground floor, intended for commerce and dining and under different ownership), as well as 4.5 floors of an underground parking lot (stores and warehouses).
Location – Raanana Junction South, at the western entrance to Kfar Saba, near the new train station (Raanana South).

Lehavim (BTL) Campus, Tefen

Approximately 80 dunams that are fully leased to BTL (Lehavim) Company (a subsidiary of Pratt&Whitney), which includes nine buildings, with a constructed area of roughly 36.5 thousand sqm.

Turbine Jet Campus, Tefen

Approximately 25 dunams that are leased to Turbine Jet (a subsidiary of BTL (Lehavim) Company), which includes three buildings, with a constructed area of roughly 15,000 sqm.

Techjet Aerofoils complex, Tefen

Approximately 10 dunams that are leased to TechJet Aerofoils (a company that is jointly owned by BTL and Rolls-Royce Oversize Holding), which includes two connected buildings in constructed area of roughly 7,000 sqm.

Lehavim (BTL) Campus, Nahariya

An industrial, office, and storage complex spanning ~ 51 dunams and approximately 22,400 sqm of constructed space. Leased to the Lehavim technology company (BTL), long-term.

Nesharim Complex, Ramle

An 81-dunam logistics park spanning 47,000 sqm of structures and a gas station in Ramle’s Industrial Zone, near the Nesher factory, the Nesharim Interchange on Highway 6, and Route 44.
The complex is co-owned (50%) with the Mivne Group.

CENTRO Complex, Rehovot

A six-floor office and commercial building spanning roughly 16,300 sqm, as well as approximately 11,900 sqm of commercial space. Leased to a variety of quality customers. Located in Rehovot's Horowitz Industrial Park, the complex is co-owned (50%) with Yochananof LTD (25%) and PRASHKOVSKY MENIVIM LTD (25%).

Carmelim Building, Rosh Haa'in

A 11,600 sqm constructed complex (the complex includes additional areas held by other owners), used for industry, storage, offices and parking. Located in the northern part of Rosh Haayin’s Afek Industrial Park.

Menivim Building, Jerusalem

~ 9,200 sqm constructed office building and three underground floors (service and parking spaces), located at 8 Am VeOlamo Street, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem.

Logisticare logistic centre , Hartuv

~ 15,000 sqm, one floor structure. The remainder of the plot is used for operations and parking. The structure was built in advance and leased to a Maman Group Logisticare company.
Located in Beit Shemesh’s Hartuv Industrial Zone.

Menivim Building - Kfar Saba

An office and commercial building spanning approximately 5,700 sqm and including 4 underground floors that serve as service and parking space. The building is rented out to a wide variety of quality customers.
Located at the corner of HaSadna and Binyamin Yahalom streets in Kfar Saba's industrial zone.

Logistics Building, Alon Tavor

A logistics building that serves as an innovative and quality refrigeration warehouse. The building spans approximately 2,800 sqm and is rented, long-term, to a single tenant.
Located in Alon Tavor's industrial zone, near the Tnuva Dairy production plant.

Police Headquarters, Ramle

An approximately 11,900 sqm above-ground constructed building that houses offices, storage, industry, and parking. The building is fully-rented to two top-tier tenants: the Israel Police Department and a logistics and shipping company.
Located in Ramle's industrial zone, near Nesharim Interchange, Highway 6, and Route 44.

Floors 31-32 - Moshe Aviv Bld Ramat Gan

Two floors of office space in the Moshe Aviv office and commercial tower, spanning a total of approximately 2,900 sqm (~1,440 Sqm per floor). The space is fully leased to Bidalgo, a hi-tech company.
Located on the corner of Aba Hillel and Jabotinsky streets, in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange campus.

Menivim Building, Raanana

An office and commercial building spanning approximately 4,500 sqm of constructed space, in addition to stores. Leased to a variety of quality customers. Located on HaTaasiya Street, opposite the Renanim shopping mall.

Ha'Menifa Building Menivim - Or Yehuda

An office building spanning approximately 6,500 sqm and including 2 underground floors that serve as service and parking space (~170 ).
Located at the Or Yehuda industrial zone.

Menivim Acre

An office building spanning approximately 2,800 sqm. leased to one tenant.
Located at the Acreindustrial zone.

Sheled Peled - MenivimComplex, Caesarea

A16-dunam industry and offices complex spanning 12,600 sq.m of structures (5 buildings) and approx. 170 parking spaces. southern Caesarea Industrial Park. The space is co-owned (50%) with Sheled Peledcompany.

Menivim Towers, Bnei Brak (Shekel Towers)

An office and commerce buildingspanning 17,500 sq.m and approx. 14,500 sq.m parking area.

Nof Hagefen, Haifa

A nursing home spanning approximately 4,200 sqm. leased to one tenant.
Located at German Colony, Haifa.
The space is co-owned (50%) with the tenant: Tender Loving Care company.

Sanlakol Complex, Alon Tavor

About 60 dunams, on which an industrial and logistics complex is built, which includes buildings, with a total built area of about 27,650 square meters.

Industrial building, Yavne

An industrial building, built on a plot of land with an area of ​​approximately 3.6 dunams, with a constructed area of ​​approximately 4,600 square meters, on two floors. Located in the industrial area of ​​Yavne

Levanda Tower (In construction), Tel Aviv

In November 2022, the company purchased up to 12,000 Sqm of office space in a tower under construction, the construction of which will be completed in 2026, in Tel Aviv. Taking possession of the property is expected in the second quarter of 2026.

Office Building, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv

An office and commerce building spanning 5,800 Sqm and parking space (~130).
leased to one tenant.