The leading team

The leading team

Sharon Schweppe

More than 30 years of experience in management, initiation and construction of income-yielding properties and residential construction. CEO of Gav-Yam for 6 years, and in the company’s senior management for 15 years prior, leading extensive entrepreneurial activity including initiation, construction and marketing of parks for high-tech, industry and logistics, improvement of properties totaling hundreds of thousands of square meters, and establishment of high-quality residential neighborhoods.
LL.B. and MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Attorney.

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Itay Mehl

30 years of experience in public companies in the capital market, in the areas of investments and business development. Served in senior management positions at Ytong Industries and in the Taya Investment Group. He has been engaged in and managed income-yielding and entrepreneurial real estate, and investments, and business development, in companies both in Israel and UK.Formerly and currently a director in a number of leading public companies in capital markets, investments and income-yielding real estate.
BA in Economics and MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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Ofer Avram

With over 20 years of experience in various senior positions in real estate, Ofer previously served as VP of the Azrieli Group and as head of the Group’s Offices sector, where he was responsible for the development, marketing, and operation of the Group's existing and future office complexes, covering hundreds of thousands of square meters. Prior to that, he served as VP Marketing and Deputy CEO of Gav-Yam, where he oversaw the marketing and business development of the company’s assets, among other responsibilities.
LL. B and BA in Economics and MBA from Haifa University, Attorney.

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Ilan Nissan Cohen
Ilan’s experience in the field of finance spans over two decades. He previously spent 10 years as the Senior Comptroller at PWC Israel, served as an accountant and VP Subsidiaries at Gav-Yam.
BA in Economics, Accountant.

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Nitzan Shmuely
Nitzan has spent over 20 years acquiring experience in the field of real estate marketing. She previously held the position of Residential Marketing Manager and Marketing Communications Manager at Gav-Yam.
LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Attorney.

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Dror Elnekave
With over two decades of experience in the field of real estate marketing to his name, Dror’s work experience includes tenure as VP Marketing at the Matam hi-tech park, as well as Asset Marketing Manager at Gav-Yam.
LL.B. from University of Sheffield, Attorney.

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Ofer Trommer
Ofer possesses over 25 years of experience in managing and operating profit-yielding assets in the fields of offices, commerce, industry, and parking. Prior to Menivim, he served as Operations Manager at companies such as Mivne Real Estate, Kiryat HaMemshala, Gav-Yam, and the Delek Group.
An alumnus of a Business Administration program.

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